5H superHeavy Hydrogen

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5H superHeavy Hydrogen

Roussel-Chomaz , and H. Kuzmin , E. Library subscriptions will be modified accordingly. This arrangement will initially last for two years, up to the end of Superheavy Hydrogen H 5 A. Korsheninnikov, M. Golovkov, I. Tanihata, A. Rodin, A.

Isotopes of hydrogen

Fomichev, S. Sidorchuk, S. Stepantsov, M. Chelnokov, V. Gorshkov, D. Bogdanov, R. Wolski, G. Ter-Akopian, Yu. Oganessian, W.

IonPia and High Rich Testing of Molecular Hydrogen

Mittig, P. Isotopes List I Isotopes List Xe Isotopes List Cs Isotopes List Ba Isotopes List La Isotopes List Hf Isotopes List Ta Isotopes List W Isotopes List Re Isotopes List Os Isotopes List Ir Isotopes List Pt Isotopes List Au Isotopes List Hg Isotopes List Tl Isotopes List Pb Isotopes List Bi Isotopes List Po Isotopes List At Isotopes List Rn Isotopes List Fr Isotopes List Ra Isotopes List Ac Isotopes List Rf Isotopes List Db Isotopes List Sg Isotopes List Bh Isotopes List Hs Isotopes List Mt Isotopes List Ds Isotopes List Rg Isotopes List Cn Isotopes List Nh Isotopes List Fl Isotopes List Mc Isotopes List Lv Isotopes List Ts Isotopes List Og Isotopes List Ce Isotopes List Pr Isotopes List Nd Isotopes List Pm Isotopes List Sm Isotopes List Eu Isotopes List Gd Isotopes List Tb Isotopes List Dy Isotopes List Ho Isotopes List Er Isotopes List Tm Isotopes List Yb Isotopes List Lu Isotopes List Th Isotopes List Pa Isotopes List U Isotopes List Np Isotopes List Pu Isotopes List Am Isotopes List Cm Isotopes List Bk Isotopes List Cf Isotopes List Es Isotopes List Fm Isotopes List Md The random magnetic field is expected to be roughly in equipartition with the kinetic energy in the turbulence.

Therefore, its vertical scaleheight should be similar to that of the gas.

It might be also possible that beyond the optical radius, the magnetic field is too weak to prevent CHAMPs from crossing the disc, but any more complicated analysis is useless in the face of such ignorance. Combining Eqs 5.

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We conclude that although charged particles can be suspended in the halo, so that they would be impossible to detect as they never reach the Earth, the mass fraction of charged CHAMPs in the halo must be rather small. Ram pressure stripping and collisions of galaxy clusters Magnetic fields couple charged CHAMPs with themselves and with ordinary matter.


5H superHeavy Hydrogen

This coupling might cause ram pressure stripping of both baryonic and DM of subhaloes and satellite systems. Consider, for instance, the collision of two galaxy clusters. The governing equations of collisionless hot plasmas were developed by Chew et al. This approximation, which leads to MHD equations with anisotropic pressure, is satisfactory when the Larmor frequency is large compared to other characteristic frequencies of the problem and the mean particle gyroradius is short compared to the distance over which all the macroscopic quantities change appreciably e.

Therefore, charged massive particles in the halo of galaxy clusters can be described in the fluid-like anisotropic MHD approximation; in the merger process, they would behave as a clump of fluid, experiencing ram pressure stripping and drag deceleration similar to the gas component. Although the current lensing data accuracy is not sufficient to derive the mass distribution of the subcluster in the Bullet Cluster, the derived mass estimates of the subcluster leave little room for DM in the gas bullet.

Since these values are smaller than those required to explain the mass and extension of the Magellanic Stream and the size and morphology of the gaseous disc of LMC [59], we cannot reduce any further our upper limit on fh with the current observations of the LMC disc and the Magellanic Stream. Conclusions Whilst the common wisdom holds that DM is neutral and collisionless, it is important to explore the possibility of it having nonzero, not necessarily integer, charge.

We have explored a model where neutral dark matter decays into non-relativistic charged products. The non-detection of heavy sea-water puts a limit on the timescale for charged CHAMPs to escape from the Galactic disc. Assuming that the accelerated CHAMPs in the disc are in pressure equilibrium with the magnetic field, we find that fh.

The reduction of the central density after they have driven the formation of galactic haloes would be insignificant. Even if all the CHAMPs were depleted from the central parts of the galaxies, the rotation velocity in a certain galaxy would suffer a negligible change of 0. Thus, they face many of the problems attributed to SIDM. As some examples, we have discussed the survival of the Magellanic Stream and the mass distribution of the Bullet Cluster.

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Our constraint that the mass in CHAMPs in the Galaxy is not larger than the mass of coronal gas in the halo seems to apply also to galaxy clusters. Unfortunalely, the exchange cross section is very uncertain [6]. References [1] M. Fairbairn, A. Kraan, D. Milstead, T. Sloan, Stable massive particles at colliders, Physics Reports 1 [2] M.

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all about water: Normal, heavy and extra heavy water

D 76 [13] S. De Lope Amigo, W. Cheung, Z. Huang, Z. Choi, K. Jedamzik, L. Roszkowski, L. Ruiz de Austri Gravitino dark matter in the constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model with improved constraints from big bang nucleosynthesis, JCAP 06 [15] R. Cen Decaying cold dark matter model and small-scale power, Astroph.

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Nuclear probe

B [20] K. D 77 [21] K. Takahashi Cosmology with long-lived charged massive particles, Phys. B [22] S.

5H superHeavy Hydrogen 5H superHeavy Hydrogen
5H superHeavy Hydrogen 5H superHeavy Hydrogen
5H superHeavy Hydrogen 5H superHeavy Hydrogen
5H superHeavy Hydrogen 5H superHeavy Hydrogen
5H superHeavy Hydrogen 5H superHeavy Hydrogen
5H superHeavy Hydrogen 5H superHeavy Hydrogen
5H superHeavy Hydrogen 5H superHeavy Hydrogen

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