Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor

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InDigesting Race, Class, and Gender, Ivy Ken likens race, class, and gender to foods ' foods that are produced in fields, mixed together in bowls, and digested in our social and institutional bodies. In the field, one food may contaminate another through cross-pollination.

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In the mixing bowl, each food's original molecular structure changes in the presence of others. And within a meal, the presence of one food may impede or facilitate the digestion of another. At each of these sites, the 'foods' of race, class, and gender are involved in dynamic relationships with each other that have implications for the shape ' or the taste ' of our social order. This book uses new imagery - the metaphor of sugar - to highlight how race, class, and gender are produced, used, experienced, and 'digested' in our human and institutional bodies.

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Additional Details Number of Volumes. Show More Show Less. Any Condition Any Condition. See all 5. No ratings or reviews yet. This could be used as a textbook suitable for upper-level undergraduates.

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Grewal, Inderpal, and Caren Kaplan. An explicitly feminist and explicitly transnational approach to understanding gender in its intersections with a number of other systems of societal inequalities. The authors are two of the most prominent scholars of transnational genders and sexualities; many of the selections are true classics.

Suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Kivisto, Peter, and Elizabeth Hartung, eds. Intersecting inequalities: Class, race, sex, and sexualities. Selections are from a range of prominent sociologists, as well as public intellectuals. Suitable both for classroom advanced undergraduate or graduate students and research purposes. Rosenblum, Karen E.

The meaning of difference: American constructions of race, sex and gender, social class, sexual orientation, and disability. This collection, a combination of essays by the authors and accompanying readings, focuses explicitly on categories of difference and inequality.

Chapters are organized by single systems, but discussions adopt an intersectional framework. Suitable for undergraduates in both introductory and more advanced classes.

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Rothenberg, Paula S. Race, class, and gender in the United States. New York: Worth. This collection is organized in terms of the key systems of societal inequalities, with some intersectional applications and examples.

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Suitable for upper-level undergraduates and perhaps also for introductory graduate seminars. Useful sections on the dynamics of privilege and complexities of racial and ethnic configurations, as well as both maintenance and change of societal hierarchies.

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Research adopting an intersectional approach appears in a wide range of journals, reflecting the deeply interdisciplinary character of this concept. Several journals, however, publish not only examples of intersectional analyses, but also essays that address intersectionality itself. Others, such as Signs , Feminist Studies , or Sexualities , are fully interdisciplinary. The latter two include not only scholarly essays but also creative writing, reviews, and social commentaries. Most of these, e.

Originally the journal focused on distinctions between primarily American politics of diversity and primarily continental European theories of difference. Feminist Studies. Feminist Studies is one of the oldest journals of feminist scholarship and is explicitly interdisciplinary. In addition to research and criticism, it publishes creative writing, art, book reviews, and social commentaries. Following scholarly trends in feminist work, this journal has become more intersectional in recent decades. Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies. One of the oldest feminist journals in the United States, Frontiers has until recently emphasized historical analyses of women in the US West.

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As intersectionality began to transform feminist scholarship, so too did Frontiers expand its range to include much intersectional work. With a move in to the US Midwest, its scholarly range expanded to a broader conception of regionality. Publishes primarily empirical pieces as well as book reviews; explicitly encourages submission of intersectional research.

Although it aspires to be interdisciplinary, the articles are disproportionately written by sociologists. Hypatia is a journal of feminist philosophy, published since The journal has published a number of special issues on topics relevant to intersectionality, including embodiment, border crossing, disability studies, and philosophy of science. Published since , this journal publishes interdisciplinary scholarship that focuses on the ideal of social equality between and within racial, ethnic, gender, and social class groups.

enter site Promotes collaboration among scholars, students, and practitioners in a wide variety of fields. Focuses on current issues such as poverty, war, elections, health concerns, and environmental foci. Written for an educated lay audience. Sexualities explores human sexualities in a broadly interdisciplinary framework, both theorizing and critiquing the social organization of human sexual experiences. Essays emphasize how sexuality is stratified by race, class, gender, age, and intersections among these systems.

The journal includes not only scholarly essays, but also book and film reviews, interviews, state of the field reviews, and annotated bibliographies. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Signs is one of the oldest and most significant of the journals of feminist scholarship. Highly interdisciplinary, publishing scholarship from a wide array of fields, illuminating dimensions of social, cultural, political, economic, national, and transnational social relations.

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Particularly notable is the Summer special issue, Intersectionality: Theorizing power, empowering theory. Social categorization lies at the heart of intersectionality. Categorization is a key mechanism for organizing information, and therefore a key principle of human social cognition. Categorization is almost always accompanied by different evaluation; these values guide the differential allocation of both material and symbolic resources.

Sociopolitical awareness of social categories, the societal inequalities associated with them, and eventually of the intersections among them became prominent in the s and s, associated with social movements organized in terms of social categories and identities. Virtually every discussion of intersectionality begins by tracing the history of this concept, signaling several watershed contributions.

The most influential early pieces, e. Weber offers a useful multidimensional definition; MacKinnon approaches intersectionality through legal methodology, West and Fenstermaker through interactional method. Collins, Patricia Hill. Black feminist thought: Knowledge, consciousness, and the politics of empowerment. Collins conceives of intersectionality as micro-level, expressed in perceptions, cultural images, and worldviews.

Emphasizes how Black feminist thought is generated and communicated; the focus is on how people, especially Black women, actually live at these intersections.

Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor
Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor
Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor
Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor
Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor
Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor Digesting Race, Class and Gender: Sugar as a Metaphor

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