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It only takes a minute to sign up. I'd like to locate a diagram or other documentation of the Tensho kata. There are some videos available many of which are very helpful but I'd like to obtain a printed description of the form if possible.

I understand that the fluid motions of the form makes it difficult to capture this in perfection but I'd like to find something that would serve as a mental hint for teaching and for my own ongoing study of the form. Here are a few of the sites I've checked as a result of multiple Google searches like "tensho kata diagram":.

The Kyokushin-kan Australia website has this diagram of Tensho :.

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After having done a little research on Tensho, I'm fairly certain that anything printed will not be useful without a massive amount of knowledge. To that end, I'd rather point you towards Higaonna-sensei's performance of Tensho.


TENSHO Kata 転掌 - Shito-ryu Shukokai Union

A diagram and written description is in Robert Trias' "Pinnacle of Karate" book, but you'll need to drop some coin on that. Sign up to join this community.

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    It can be appreciated through the gracefulness of its movement practised slowly and with Rhythmic breathing which has clear health benefits. Its apparently effortless Circular movements can redirect and nullify aggressive acts with seemingly minimum effort.

    Kyokushin Karate

    In addition, there is the philosophical and humanitarian aspect Within the form, and various masters emphasise its importance for moral character and good judgement. This kata has its roots in White Grane boxing and Monk Fist boxing and influenced by Nahate village area in Okinawa which became the style known today as Goju Ryu.

    Tensho partnered work, sticky hands training Chi Sau Kake Uke developing sensitivity enabling the students to read their partners intentions. To develop this skill isolation is the key point behind these drills, these drills are about flowing with your partner rather then pushing them away, not meeting muscle with muscle.

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