MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

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I'll see if I can get it done in one go :. I hope I have some good stuff to contribute. I just started actually playing around with actual code on Sunday:. It definitely makes me feel like a total novice! Totally different mindset and syntax Thanks for the recommendation. I am looking at trying to take the Java one on Oct.

I'd rather take the Node. To quote page While MongoDB is a general-purpose database that works well for most applications, it isn't good at everything. According to her suggestions on page , Embedding is better for: Small subdocuments.

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide--New from O'Reilly []

Data that does not change regularly. When eventual consistency is acceptable. Documents that grow by a small amount. Data that you'll often need to perform a second query to fetch. Fast reads.

References are better for: Large subdocuments. Volatile data. When immediate consistency is necessary. Documents that grow a large amount.

Introduction to MongoDB Encryption Key Management

Data that you'll often exclude from the results. Fast writes. Lovick Sep 16, at PM 1 Comments. Lovick, Outstanding!

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide MongoDB: The Definitive Guide
MongoDB: The Definitive Guide MongoDB: The Definitive Guide
MongoDB: The Definitive Guide MongoDB: The Definitive Guide
MongoDB: The Definitive Guide MongoDB: The Definitive Guide
MongoDB: The Definitive Guide MongoDB: The Definitive Guide
MongoDB: The Definitive Guide MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

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