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By George Legal | Intellectual Property Lawyer | Georgina O'Farrell

The Greens MP David Shoebridge said the government was ''trashing'' the right to silence ''to get a headline''. Mr Shoebridge said the right to silence ''protects individuals from the heavy-handed use of police powers''. Right to remain silent at risk under O'Farrell's legal crackdown.

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[Media Release] RCMP & O’Farrell Settlement

One pushes the other, and he falls over. Everyone laughs and the argument is immediately over. As he disentangles himself from the barstools he fell into, the victim of the push notices that he has a couple of bruises and a scratch on his elbow. The friend who delivered the push has committed the offence of "assault occasioning actual bodily harm" — in other words, he assaulted someone and that person was injured. If someone reported what happened to police and he was charged, he would be found guilty of that offence.

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What kind of penalty do you think he should receive? A fine? A good behaviour bond? That is more or less what he would receive today, at worst.

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  • Optimality Conditions: Abnormal and Degenerate Problems.
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  • Two years in gaol. The firm comprises over lawyers and has wide experience of international business issues and the complexities of cross-border transactions.

    Capital Markets: The firm handles structured receivable financing, money market preferred stock issues, asset purchase and sale programmes, and commercial programmes. It also advises on debt and equity securities offerings, securitisations, derivatives; synthetic products, risk reduction techniques and hedging agreements, debt and equity transactions, financial trusts, open and closed end mutual funds and capital markets regulation.

    vinylextras.com/map57.php Environmental Law: The team handles litigation, administrative and regulatory affairs and contractual issues. It also advises brokers on litigation and ADR. Intellectual Property: The firm handles IP protection and management, transfer of technology and licence agreements, international franchising agreements and licensing and registration of software. It also advises on protection of patents, utility models and ornamental design rights, trademark matters and worldwide trademark protection.

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    It handles e-commerce and internet-related issues, as well as IT contracts, hardware contracts, software licensing, development and maintenance agreements, and outsourcing contracts. The team also participates in international arbitrations as arbitrators, counsel or expert witnesses. Mining: The firm advises on development and financing of projects, the acquisition of mining companies and all mining-related matters including exploration permits and title rights.

    It also handles local and international contracts, environmental and regulatory issues and development and operation of national and crossborder pipelines and gas treatment facilities.

    OFarrells Law OFarrells Law
    OFarrells Law OFarrells Law
    OFarrells Law OFarrells Law
    OFarrells Law OFarrells Law
    OFarrells Law OFarrells Law
    OFarrells Law OFarrells Law
    OFarrells Law OFarrells Law
    OFarrells Law OFarrells Law
    OFarrells Law OFarrells Law

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