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Things like that. My sun was over L. I feel like I was supposed to come here and learn something. Mandybur is a recent L. She is the former editorial director of Girlboss, where she worked alongside a few members of the Los Angeleno staff.


This is by design. The book delves into the meaning of each card and provides specific, actionable advice for self-improvement. Pulled The Fool card?

While doing professional tarot readings for the droves of Angelenos who have flocked to the cards in the last few years, Mandybur has found commonalities in the questions on the table. People ask about that a lot in L. I think you just need all the help you can get to believe that you can do that. Mandybur actually turned to the tarot before deciding whether to move from Sydney to Los Angeles for a job, despite having never been to the United States.

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Okay, I guess. And yet Mandybur has made a life for herself here. The tarot community is experiencing a shift towards a demystified image of tarot. A lot of the younger generation of tarotists see it as a simple working tool and find it easier to "come out of the tarot closet" as acceptance in society seems to grow. Benebell Wen is part of the new generation of tarotists. She is a lawyer, offers tarot counseling and has written several books on the subject of tarot.

She firmly believes in a holistic approach to tarot and has most recently published a book on the subject.

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It is an approach that I personally share. Thus, I'm very happy that she agreed to answer a few questions about herself and her approach to tarot. Would you agree?


Tarot for a New Generation - Book Review by Linette Voller

And, if so, how is this new generation different? I would agree with that statement, though my agreement, which is just my personal opinion on the matter, is not of any relevance. Even so, the practice and study of tarot today seems to be emerging from its esoteric shadows and is getting integrated into the everyday. A lot of people you might not immediately expect to be students of tarot are becoming very interested in it and open about their practice.

I would even say tarot depictions in pop culture today is a lot more balanced than it used to be. In past generations, there was already an internal split between tarot fortune telling and tarot divination, and even a split between whether there is any difference between fortune teling and divination. When the old and new collide, a new hybrid tarot practice is formed, and that hybrid makes many of the old guard uncomfortable.

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Q: You probably have heard this before. How does that go together? They should never go together. The practice of law is one thing. The practice of tarot is something entirely different. I do not mix or conflate the two, or at least try very hard not to. I think the curiosity arises from how someone who practices law for her profession would also possess an interest in tarot and the occult. You are either this way or you are that way—you cannot be both.

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And yet that is so far from the truth. We all wear many different hats, and corporate law and tarot happen to be two different hats that I wear. Have you ever had to turn down clients because they insisted in you making predictions or do you usually succeed in convincing them of your approach? I might say it is not my personal approach or practice of tarot and it is not the approach or practice of tarot that I would teach.

No, I have not had to turn down a client for insisting on making predictions. In my preliminary communications with a prospective client, I make clear what my approach to tarot is, how glimpses of what is to come by way of forecasts might happen, but I do not engage in fortune telling or predictive tarot. Sun 19 Aug It was once seen as the preserve of fairground fortune-tellers spouting platitudes from a booth, and ageing hippies with a fondness for Aleister Crowley and the occult.

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Now, the art of reading the tarot is back in style, with books, artwork and onstage readings captivating a new generation of fans. And Litwitchure, created by best friends Fiona Lensvelt and Jennifer Cownie — billed as a Literary Tarot Cabaret and Consultancy — was a hit at the recent Port Eliot festival, with appearances due at other festivals, and even a podcast planned. For Lensvelt, the increased popularity of the tarot is part of a wider trend towards mindfulness. It can give voice to problems or fears.

Tarot for a New Generation Tarot for a New Generation
Tarot for a New Generation Tarot for a New Generation
Tarot for a New Generation Tarot for a New Generation
Tarot for a New Generation Tarot for a New Generation
Tarot for a New Generation Tarot for a New Generation
Tarot for a New Generation Tarot for a New Generation
Tarot for a New Generation Tarot for a New Generation

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