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Fictional characters introduced in 1983

Associate editor of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Jeppson, is an accomplished novelist and short-story writer who sometimes worked in collaboration with her husband, the late Isaac Asimov.

Asimov, Janet 1926-

Ultimately I rewrote it, then asked Isaac to rewrite it again on his word processor. The trio arrive on the distant planet Izz, where Norby hopes to reunite with what a Kirkus Reviews critic describes as his "robot-love Pera.

Bestselling Series

In , she published Norby and the Terrified Taxi, wherein Norby and Jeff oppose a malicious alien computer that aspires to eliminate humanity by altering the past. Through the moronic Garc the Great, the computer manages to capture Norby, but Jeff allies himself with Lizzie, a taxi, and determines to rescue Norby and thwart the evil computer. Rather than writing a traditional biography or autobiography, Asimov has simply compiled a series of notes about a range of subjects, from her husband to good books to broader topics that include religion, sex, and philosophy.

The book also includes photographs from the family collection, snippets of fiction, and some excerpts from letters not included elsewhere. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. September 24, Retrieved September 24, from Encyclopedia.

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Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Norby has a tenor voice but can communicate through telepathy by touch.

Norby is equipped with a miniature anti-gravity device allowing him to float.

The Norby chronicles /

He also possesses the ability to travel through hyperspace , although his navigating abilities are sometimes unreliable. He also has the capability to travel through time via hyperspace.

Norby's many features make him a target for scientists, the army, and the rogue Inventor's Guild who wish to disassemble and study him. Along the way they learn about the Others, a race that bio-engineered the intelligent Jamyn dragons. The third book, Norby and the Lost Princess, introduces the planet Izz and its displaced human settlers.

While Norby and company prepare for a singing contest, they go to Izz where they find out that Princess Rinda has taken the only Izzian hyperspace ship to Melodia. Norby, Jeff, Fargo, Yobo, and Albany go to the planet on a rescue mission only to be imprisoned by the native insect life.

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The fourth book, Norby and the Invaders , pits Norby and Jeff against a race of balloon-shaped aliens nicknamed the Invaders. The Invaders kidnap the Grand Dragon at the novel's outset and place her in an underwater zoo on their homeworld. An intelligent vine named the Dookoza attempts to thwart a rescue mission by Jeff and Norby, but they end up freeing the Grand Dragon and leaving the Dookoza on the planet Melodia.

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The Norby Chronicles: Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot & Norby's Other Secret (Norby Series #1 and #2)

After escaping the Bastille , Norby and Jeff take a Frenchman named Marcel on a wild romp through time as they attempt try to find the origin of the device. Jeff meets a council of the Others in this book. He instead opens a portal to another reality where the tree-like Master Cult MC rule, and accidentally bring them to the Solar System where they proceed to conquer Earth. In the seventh book, Norby Down to Earth , Norby learns about his origins as well as the fate of the spacer McGillicuddy, who converted him to his current form.

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The ninth book, Norby and the Oldest Dragon , takes place almost entirely on the planet Jamya, which is being menaced by an attack from an intelligent cloud. The dragon in the title refers to the Dowager Dragon, mother of the Grand Dragon the current ruler of Jamya.

Norby: Robot for Hire (Norby Chronicles)

The tenth book, Norby and the Court Jester , is set once more on the planet Izz and brings back the villain Ing for a third appearance. The final book in the series, Norby and the Terrified Taxi , centers around Lizzie, an intelligent taxi first introduced in Norby Down to Earth.

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They must find and stop Garc the Great who wants to change history. It has been speculated that Norby was named by his authors after Norbert Wiener , the "Father of Cybernetics". The Norby Chronicles were made into serialization comics for the Scouting magazine Boys' Life in the s. The comics were adapted from the first and second books in the series.

The Norby Chronicles The Norby Chronicles
The Norby Chronicles The Norby Chronicles
The Norby Chronicles The Norby Chronicles
The Norby Chronicles The Norby Chronicles
The Norby Chronicles The Norby Chronicles
The Norby Chronicles The Norby Chronicles
The Norby Chronicles The Norby Chronicles

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