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“The Douglas AD Skyraider was to become the last heavy piston-engine combat and bomber aircraft.”

He attended Paier School of Art in Hamden, Connecticut, from , and since he graduated with honours, he has been working professionally in the field of Fine Art and Illustration. He has been commissioned to paint for the US Air Force and has aviation paintings on permanent display at the Pentagon. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Appendices.

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How the low, slow A-1 Skyraider earned its place in the hearts of US troops in Vietnam

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Flight Journal. Featured News. Michael E Joy. Equipment absolutely indispensable to a dive bombing attack aircraft!

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The bulletproof panels covering the body from the underside to the sides have been recreated, filled to the brim with the feel of the genuine article! Please direct your attention to the rectifier that circulates the exhaust fumes emitted from the exhaust pipes! It's almost as if you can see the flow of air spilling from the high-horsepower engine. Even the handholds molded into the side of the body approaching the cockpit have been precisely recreated!

During our research, we were able to gain some practical experience with the real things!

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Did you know? The semicircular groove directly below the canopy is an emergency release handle used to forcibly eject the canopy during a crisis. The side silhouette of the front half of the body appears to rise vertically upon first glance, but have you realized that, in fact, it actually narrows as it heads downwards? The same orderly and well-arranged operating system that runs through currently used planes. The thorough sculpting characteristic of the SWS, down to every last, minute switch inside the cockpit!

Please imagine placing your feet on the foot pedals. You can perceive how the pilot's will is transmitted to the aircraft from the configuration of the parts.

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For the cockpit, there is not only the bucket seat that is usually used in the naval planes, but also an ejection seat! Of course, to match the seats, there are also two different types of joysticks included. As is standard for the SWS, you can of course choose whether or not to have a seat belt! Please fully enjoy expressing a seat and belt chock-full of realism! Furthermore, even the exterior control handle and forward tracks have been reproduced!


All of the transceivers that extend along the top surface of the fuselage from the back half of the canopy to the tailplane have an individual purpose. As is typical of the SWS, you will be able to learn about each of them!

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Were you aware that, as a counter-measure against torque, the line that connects the rear section of the body to the vertical stabilizer is astonishingly twisted? Of course, the 3 dive breaks on the the sides and underside of the body are movable!

Please fully enjoy a scene of the strongest reciprocating engine attack fighter in a nosedive! Once again, in that wonder of the SWS that is already starting to become familiar, the internal structure has been thoroughly recreated! Won't you consider finishing your build with one of the body side panels left off? The engine and telecommunications equipment, suspended in the bulkheads.

It's a waste of effort to install the outer panels?!

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It is our dearest wish that you should feel that way. Please consider using another Skyraider to recreate a skeleton model! Able to come to fruition only because it's the SWS, which reproduces the actual aircrafts?! The movable mechanisms of the main wings, the angles of which are fixed to be the same as those of the actual plane, fold up smoothly. Because it's a carrier plane, there are dust-proof, salt-proof covers for the cross-sections of the folded main wings. Seeing as this is the SWS, they have of course been reproduced! Highlights of the movable mechanism are the wing folding cylinder rods and the aileron push-pull tubes! It supports the weight of heavy armament, yet the main girder structure still continues to hold the beautiful shape of the upper wings. Did you know that the reason why so much of the Skyraider's armament is externally equipped is because the intention was to make the fuselage as light as possible, and so that the plane could support a broad range of strategic applications?

You will be able to study how they were suspended, with each cannon having a total length of around 2 meters, and a weight of approximately 42 kilograms.

USN Skyraider Vietnam USN Skyraider Vietnam
USN Skyraider Vietnam USN Skyraider Vietnam
USN Skyraider Vietnam USN Skyraider Vietnam
USN Skyraider Vietnam USN Skyraider Vietnam
USN Skyraider Vietnam USN Skyraider Vietnam
USN Skyraider Vietnam USN Skyraider Vietnam
USN Skyraider Vietnam USN Skyraider Vietnam
USN Skyraider Vietnam USN Skyraider Vietnam
USN Skyraider Vietnam

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